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Why blogging is an essential part of your law firm marketing strategy

Why Blogging is an Essential Part of a Good Inbound Marketing Plan

It takes more than just search engine optimized content to attract new leads to a website these days. SEO is extremely important for indexing purposes, but a basic content management system (CMS) is not nearly enough to attract more than just hits. Numbers mean nothing if leads are not truly interested in the products and/or services provided. Business owners need to use strategic content¬†to attract fresh leads and new clients. A blog is more than just a journal when used to it’s fullest potential. Blogging can be an essential part of a good inbound marketing plan, and it should be a key marketing component when a digital storefront relies on more than just a familiar brand name.

Useful SEO Site-Related Content Will Attract New Leads

One of the best ways to attract new leads is with problem-solving content, but informative content alone will not draw potential clients when blogging. As a matter of fact, web content will not even be found if it is not written with proper search engine optimization in mind. Writing for the web is far different than creating content for magazines, newspapers, books and print ads. It has a specific style, and although it makes use of keywords and phrases, it should flow very smoothly.

Proper keyword percentages are also vital since those that are too low will not rank well. Percentages that are too high are considered spam by search engines, and they are harshly penalized. Successful web-based business owners know that proper SEO plays a huge role in attracting new leads. Search engine optimization in blogging is an essential part of a good inbound marketing plan, but it does not end with the addition of long-tail keywords and phrases. Even when blogging, keyword density must fall into the correct parameters, and the keywords and phrases must be strategically placed for optimal website placement.

Blogging Provides an Ever-Changing Archive of Information

Evergreen content is ideal if a business model never changes, but a progressive company with an online presence requires up-to-date information. Active blogs are frequently updated in a good inbound marketing plan. They enable leads and return clients to discover the latest business developments and offerings. A site search tool will provide visitors direct access to an archive of valuable date-stamped information. They will be able to easily find the most recent info as well as related products and/or services of interest. Blogging is an essential part of a good inbound marketing plan when it provides a wealth of well-written information and solutions for leads and return clients.

Social Publishing and Networking Possibilities Abound

Word of mouth these days is accomplished through social networking, and it is vital to businesses with a digital storefront. Interested leads and delighted clients will share information on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms. Those who find that information interesting and useful are likely to do the same. When it comes to blogging, social publishing and networking possibilities abound in a good inbound marketing plan. The content will continually and regularly change to reflect new demands and interests, and in a style that appeals to the vast majority of people these days. They want quick and concise answers and solutions, not lengthy and/or confusing dissertations.

Calls to Action Can Be Seamlessly Incorporated into Site Content

Digital storefront content should include well-placed contextual links that do more than just direct people to the business end of a store. Blogging is an essential part of a good marketing plan since calls to action can be seamlessly and tastefully incorporated into the content. They should include related backlinks and other links to reliable sources. Appropriate contextual links will improve search engine optimization while adding a new level of trustworthiness and value to the site. In a good inbound marketing plan, professional blogging will help to increase traffic from real leads instead of just useless hits from passersby.