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Law Firm Photography Guide

Your potential clients want to hire an attorney they know, like, and trust. It’s human nature. While website visitors may not actually know you yet, a well-designed site with high-quality photography and helpful content can make them feel as if they do.

Great photography adds personality to the firm and helps website visitors feel comfortable with the real people on the other side of the screen.

Below are some things to consider when hiring a photographer to take photos for your website.


How do you want people to perceive your firm? Are you serious and aggressive? Are you empathetic and caring? Whatever the answer, your photos should reflect the image you want to portray.


How do you want people to perceive you personally? Are you relaxed and confident? Are you serious and professional? How you dress, the expression on your face, and the scenery behind you will all contribute to the impression you make on visitors.


The first and most logical choice is to do the photoshoot in your office. However, you could also consider other options, including local landmarks, court buildings, coffee shops, etc. What’s most important is that the location you choose helps to support the brand and personality you want to convey.

Shot List

Generally speaking, the more photos we have to work with the more flexibility we have to make the final design really stand out. Ultimately, your photographer will be in the best position to determine what photos best tell the story you want to tell. That being said, below you’ll find a list of the types of photos we’d like to have. Ideally, we’ll have several options of each type to work with. 


These are the more posed professional photos you would likely think of for your bio on the website or your LinkedIn profile.

Photos with subject to the right or left

These are great for using on different pages where we want to display a title, form, call-to-action, etc. next to a picture of the attorney.

Candid Photos

These are photos that look more natural and less staged. These can include photos of you working, photos of you interacting with clients or staff, etc. The objective of these photos is to show your personality and your workspace.


These are photos of your office space. Examples could include your lobby, reception area, conference room, desk, exteriors shots of the building where your office is located, etc.

Tips For Your Photographer

Our goal is to build a beautiful website for your firm and high quality professional photography plays a huge role in that endeavor. Please ask your photographer to keep the following tips in mind during your shoot:

Have Questions?

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