Technical Audit Checklist


Google Analytics

Does your site currently have Google Analytics installed? Tracking the impact of your efforts is critical to success with online marketing. With Google Analytics you can see how many people are visiting your site, what pages they are visiting, where they are coming from and much, much more. Google Analytics is free and every law firm website should have it installed. 

Google Webmaster Tools

Have you verified your site with Google Webmaster Tools? This is another free tool from Google that give you additional information about the health of your site. With webmaster tools you can see errors Google finds on your site, get information about what searches you're showing up for, and other info about the overall strength of your site. 

Retargeting Pixels

Are you advertising to people who have visited your site, but not taken any action? Do you even know who those people are? Even the best converting websites can only expect 10-15% of visitors to become clients after their first visit. That means that 90% of the people who visit your site once will never come back. That is, unless you're using retargeting. With retargeting, you can keep track of who is visiting your site and serve them ads based on what content they were viewing. 

Keyword Targeting

Choosing Keywords

Are you targeting the right keywords? Is anyone searching for the keywords you're targeting? Choosing the right keywords is critical to the success of your online marketing. You have to balance search volume, relevance, intent and competition to find the keywords that will get you most targeted traffic for your budget.

Keyword Optimization

Are your pages clearly optimized for the keywords you're targeting? Have you over or under optimized your pages? How you optimize your pages to communicate what their about to the search engines is just as important as choosing the right keywords. You want to clearly show the search engines what your pages is about without being spammy, too narrow or too broad.

Keyword Themes

Do you have in-depth resources about the keywords you're targeting? Google has gotten much smarter over the last several years and they now know what other words should accompany your target keywords on each page. For instance, if you practice DUI law, Google will expect to see terms such as blood alcohol level, field sobriety test, etc. By including theses themed keywords your helping to further establish the quality of your content in the eyes of the search engines. 



Citations are listings for your firm across the web that contain your Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP). They can be found on directory sites (Avvo, Superlawyers, Etc), social media (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Etc.), and local sites (Chamber of Commerce, BBB, etc.). 


Does your NAP show up accurately and consistently across the web? Do you have listings with old firm names, addresses or phone numbers? Having accurate and consistent information all across the web is important for clearly communicating who you are, where you are and how to contact you. 


Can people find your contact information in many different places on the web? Do you have citations on all the websites your potential clients might be searching on? Having a robust profile across the web not only helps potential clients find you, it also signifies to search engines at you're an active and engaged member of the community. 


Links are one of the most important factors Google uses to determine the authority (and ranking position) of a website. If you think of the search results like a popularity contest, Google sees each link to your website from another site as a vote to make your site more popular. 

Referring Pages

How many individual pages link to your website? Do you have multiple links from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Avvo, Superlawyers or some other website. We'll look at each link and the page it comes from to calculate the number of referring pages you are getting links from. 

Referring Domains

How many websites link to your website? All else being equal, a link from a new domain that has never linked to your page before rather than another link from a domain that currently links to your website is going to have more impact on your rankings.  We'll look at the total number of websites that are linking to your site. 

Link Quality

Not all links are worth the same. Ideally, you want links from high authority sites that are relevant to your website. From an authority perspective, a link from Forbes is going to be much more valuable than a link from your nephew's business blog. Likewise, a link from ABA Journal is going to be much more valuable than a link from a website all about the latest magic tricks.   

Anchor Text

This is anchor text. It's the text you see that makes up a link. It can be used to help both users and search engines understand what they can expect if they follow the link, but you have to be careful because Google carefully monitors to make sure the anchor text doesn't look overly optimized. If all of your anchor text is made up of the exact words you want to rank for Google sees it as a spammy tactic and it is one of the most common reasons why site owners get penalized by Google.