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How To Perform A Website Review For Your Law Firm

Simply having an online presence; an attractive website, is no longer optional for Law Firms, or any business for that matter, it’s critical. You need to not only have a website, but it must be maintained and updated regularly, or you will lose potential clients.

Take a critical look at your website, and then look at your main competitor’s sites. Look for these elements; well organized, modern design, information up to date, formatting, text and images current, Mobile friendly (how does it look on a smaller screen size as a mobile phone)?

Here’s a step by step, element by element breakdown to look for when reviewing ANY website.

Is The Site Well Organized?

Overall website style and design is constantly changing, have you updated your site in the past few years? If the answer is no, you are most likely in need of an update. If/when you do; make it easy to navigate. The key is to use modern site design and optimization to require as few clicks as possible to find the information a visitor (preferably a potential client) is searching for; including your firm’s contact information (linked contact form is preferred for tracking purposes) and phone number.

Is The Information Current?

Is your firm’s contact information up to date; Current address, firm name, partners listed, and support team profiles included (pictures are a bonus). Do the name, address and phone number match exactly to those listed on social media sites and relevant directories both local and national? Are specific practice areas listed and explained.

Does The Site Create A Good First Impression?

Wide margins or wings on either side of your site? Neon colors? Outdated images or cramped text? If you answered yes to any or all of these elements; get help updating your site ASAP. You want a clean, well-spaced site with up to date images and if possible video to tell the story as a complement to the text. Text must be updated regularly to include positive reviews, case results and timely, relevant topical information to your practice areas.

Is The Site Mobile Friendly?

50% of search (and growing) is on a mobile or smaller screen such as a tablet. How does your site look and how easy is it to navigate the information on a smaller screen? Modern website design platforms more often than not are responsive, meaning they automatically adjust information, images, and content layout to be easily viewed and navigated on a smaller screen size. Lastly, can you “click to call”; meaning do you have a phone number above the fold on the main page that can be “tapped” to call your firm. The best way to check any of these elements is to simply open your website on a mobile device and review it with a critical eye, navigating the site for yourself.

Rebuilding a website in a modern, mobile responsive format does not have to cost an arm and a leg, but by not doing it, you may be losing clients without even knowing it. Make it a regular habit to check your website and if possible, a site and strategy review with your website marketing partner; it will make a difference.